When considering the cost of hiring experts, be sure to consider the cost of not hiring the right one. With many years of educational training and real world projects many different types of projects and a full support team, we have earned the right to be called experts. And we're ready to put that proven expertise to work for you. Searching for experts is easy. Just enter your criteria in the search bar or browse for engineering consulting experts and find many firms/companies but we specialize in urban development. 

With our expertise in many fields from the idea phase to the finish projects we oversee the process thru the many phases.

Call 973.420.0666 or email us and let us find the right experts to fit your needs.


After we have discovered multiple experts who meet the criteria, our recruiters contact them to confirm qualifications, availability and interest. Only those experts who have a solid command of their subject matter and the ability to convey that expertise pass our test.

The highly credentialed, experienced experts who remain are presented to you. There is no fee for our search. Only after you are satisfied and retain an expert does C2EM charge a fee. Our fees are placed on top of an expert's hourly rate and presented to you as one rate that is within the customary range.

From facilitating the first conversation between you and an expert to handling the paperwork and billing, C2EM will support you throughout the progress of your case. If you need experts with impressive educational backgrounds, specific industry experience or prior expert witness experience, C2EM can deliver them to you.


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